Provide state-of-the-art operating room equipment

NUVO, Company's description
NUVO, a division of Medical Lighting, was formed in 1997 specifically to focus on the development and production of ceiling mounted equipment for the operating room. NUVO designed, certified and launched surgical lighting products in less than two years. Since then, the company has been involved in continuous product improvement and has expanded its focus to include the development of additional ceiling-mounted offerings for the operating room.

At NUVO, our established management team has decades of design experience, engineering and manufacturing of latest generation surgical lamps, flat screen video monitors and additional operating room equipment. More than 2,000 surgical lights installed, roof mounted equipment, tested and refined and patented by NUVO, is installed in more than 1,000 operating rooms across the United States.

NUVO, morals and Erie, PA
Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, NUVO headquarters covers the engineering space, manufacturing, training and showroom near Interstate 90. From his place at the top of the hill, NUVO has a panoramic view of the city and Lake Erie up to Canada.

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