HEU: Maternal and child remodels operating rooms

24 April, 2017

Tegucigalpa. Operating rooms Maternal and Child Hospital Universitario School (HEU), They have a new network of oxygen in its facilities.

This was announced by Dr. Sandra Sosa, "The whole renovation was done in the Oxygen Network operating rooms".

"The operating rooms were remodeled is seven, these are used 24 hours and seven days a week ", said Dr..

In these facilities "it is attended gynecological surgery and caesareans are performed". Galena specifies in detail the change was made in the "oxygen outlets, air intakes and outlets bacon (oxygen sensor)”.

He also reported that he "painted areas. This with specialized facilities for this type of painting ". In this regard these amendments shall become "security measures of maternal and child block".

It is also intra OR avoid accidents added galena. Dr. Sosa also, said that "many years ago, not the mother and child were retouched ".

Patients who receive services at these facilities are at least "1,200 patients". He is adding that "it was necessary" this change. In many networks operating theaters had expired oxygen and worked with tanks.

New HEU waiting room will be operational in mid-June

The new waiting room Hospital Universitario School (HEU) will be ready for next June. The construction of these new facilities is advanced in 25 percent, authorities said the health center.

The execution of the work began a month ago, assigning 14 construction workers for such purposes.

Medical Center spokesman, Miguel Osorio, He said the construction of the walls is finished in 70 percent.

He added that and builds "the columns of the facade of the hall and mezzanine slab evens. What will be the guardhouse, information and area of ​​residence of the family ".

Facilities will include four bathrooms and 102 seats. In addition to lighting and a modern sound system. Connecting with that sector emergencies when the presence of a family member is required.

The investment for the construction of these modern waiting room was about five million.

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