Work is progressing at the University Hospital School (HEU) the installation of a new Oxygen Network

28 March, 2017

Hospital Escuela Universitario (HEU) currently he is working on the expansion and development of a new network Oxygen Medicinal the care center.

The full restoration of Oxygen Network, Clinical air and vacuum room is performed according to a schedule.

The project involves changing wall outlets next to redesign and build a new network based on international standards.

Erick Luna, Chief HEU Maintenance, He explained that the network is designed “With appropriate diameters to ensure a flow, pressure and oxygen concentration suitable for clinical use”.

The same system will leak alarms, low pressure or low flow.

Also the head of Public Relations of HEU, Miguel Osorio said “one of the main objectives is to stop using cylinders in the rooms which are a risk therefore handled as leakage, also pollutants agents as they are hauled in trucks”.

The new system is designed as a sector have appropriate controls backup systems.

The project originally involved only topic oxygen but has expanded the supply of medical air and vacuum network.

With this quality of care will be guaranteed ventilated patients are the most critical attending the HEU.

It also aims to reduce costs paid by oxygen and leakage in the old network also carted accident risks are eliminated.

The work schedule is to 5 months and longer lead 3 weeks of advance work thanks to the commitment to work.

Infant room is the first of several in which the gas network was revamped.

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