Our mission
We are a company of excellence that provides technology management solutions in the area of ​​both public and private health, based on high standards of professionalism and ethics to meet the demand for biomedical services in Honduras with national and international partners.
Our objetive
Improve the quality of life of people in order to generate a change in the direction of the health of Honduras by managing medical technology.
Our vision
be at 2020 a certified company, pioneer in providing biomedical services through the highest international quality standards, positioning ourselves as the first choice in the field of health technology management in Central America.


Due to the high demand for biomedical high quality services in the country, SIMEDIC focuses its service portfolio 5 main areas:

Medical Equipment Maintenance

The equipment used in the field of health are those that require more extensive maintenance since it is not enough that the equipment works, but they must also be certified to be used in a patient.

Sale of Medical Equipment

The hospital system in Honduras is trained in a generational change of biomedical equipment, so SIMEDIC is a company that is at the forefront of technology by which distributes high quality equipment suited to the needs of the population.

Sale of materials for medical equipment

Performance of equipment in the medical field will be compromised if the inputs it needs not meet the requirements established by the manufacturer and policy.

Medical Systems Integration

Hospital services have become increasingly complex due to the changing health processes, This has led to health services that need a quick and accurate communication between them.

Oxygen Systems for Hospitals

Only about 30% the pit to them hos in Hondur to s fuer on opened after 1990, which indicates that most of the health system has very ancient settlements and a network of these gases med mu ic in ales and worn.

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    Market coverage
    • School Hospital Universitario / Tegucigalpa
    • National Thorax Institute / Tegucigalpa
    • San Felipe / Tegucigalpa
    • Santa Teresa / Comayagua
    • Regional Hospital South / Choluteca
    • Hospital Regional de Occidente / Saint Rose
    • Atlantis / Ceiba
    • San Francisco / Juticalpa
    • Gabriela Alvarado / Danlí
    • Progress / Yoro
    • Puerto Cortes / Puerto Cortes
    • Santa Bárbara / Santa Bárbara
    • Manuel de Jesús Subirana / Yoro
    • Roatán / Roatán
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